About Two Nine Six O

Two Nine Six O Trading Pte Ltd established in April 2002, is a leading building materials distribution company specializing in glazing sealant, fire stop system and joints. Founded and maintained by Kim, Henry and Angie.

With the tacit understanding among them, they spearhead to bring the Company to the next level every year. Today, with the work force of approximately 60 people in the Company servicing the building industry together with the Company’s mission to provide performance engineering products and solution to every individual and User.

We work closely with our Technical Department and Associate leveraging our scale in network, extensive operational experience to lead and shape the building industry. Every experience is an opportunity for us to learn. We link everyone closely together to share the knowledge we know. We change ourselves to always suit the need when environment evolve.

Our business partners won confidence with our Technical and Logistic Support team. Since 2008 when the major façade fabrication shifted out to China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia, we remain in providing our services and expertise to customers’ new and current production location along with the continual support from our Principal, Façade Consultants, Architects and Owners.

Vision, Mission & Values

We, a company with trustworthy, leading brands for our consumers, endeavor to become our customers’ preferred supplier of choice, pursuing excellence through dedication, innovation and technical competencies with an ongoing passion to deliver quality, timely and profitable products.

Our Vision

To be a global leader in providing exceptional technical and logistical services and supply of high value added quality products to the construction industry

Our Mission

We materialize your construction needs

Our Values

Our core values signifies the strong IMPACT we created in the buidling industry. It humbles us to stay true to our mission and vision and we do not settle for anything less than excellence from every persons in the organization.

Our Team

The dedicated teams behind your most trusted partner in material supply shares the same high level of commitment in ensuring the finest work delivered to you.

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Quality Assurance / Quality Control (QA/QC)

Supply Chain

Customer Service (CS)

Human Resource (HR)

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