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GE Pensil 300 silicone Sealant

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Pensil 300 silicone is a one-part neutral curing silicone sealant for sealing joints to control the spread of fire, smoke, toxic gases and water during fire conditions. Excellent movement accomodation makes it an ideal product for joints where fire resistance must be maintained without the loss of adhesion or rupture resulting from typical environmental movement. Pensil 300 silicone is formulated without the use of halogens or isocyanates.

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Product Description


  • Excellent primerless adhesion

Application Properties
Perimeter joints around fire doors UV resistant
Glass Excellent durability
Glazed surfaces Unaffected by high or low temperatures
Treated wood Resistant to weathering
Most Plastics 100% Silicone
Aluminium Low modulus
Steel High elasticity
Masonry Fire resistanc
Concrete Low odour



Property Value
Colour Available upon request
Consistency Paste
Joint Movement ± 25 %
In Service Temeprature -40°C to 100°C
Storage Temperature -
Applications Temperature 5°C to 40°C
Drying Time Tack Free 5 - 8 hours
Dry Through 5 - 10 days
VOC Content -
Shelf Life From Date of Manufacture 18 months

Ordering Information

Catalogue Number Description (UOM) Qty. Case Qty. Weight (Each)
GE_P300-Others-300 Cartridge - Colours availabe on request 1 24 310 ML