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GE SilShield 3100 Silicone Architectural Coating

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GE SilShield 3100 silicone architectural coating is a low VOC silicone elastomeric coating used in horizontal and vertical above-grade waterproofing applications. SilShield 3100 coating cures to a durable, watertight and weatherproof barrier, and offers extreme resistance to fading, chalking, or degradation from natural weathering.

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Product Description


  • Primerless Adhesion
  • Fast Cure
  • Ease of Application
  • Low Temperature Storage

Application Properties
Concrete Waterproof
Stucco Weatherproof
Masonry High and low temperature resistance
Urethane Foam Vapour permeable



Property Value
Colour Made to Order
Consistency Paste
Joint Movement -
In Service Temeprature -
Storage Temperature -
Applications Temperature 0°C to 49°C
Drying Time Tack Free < 2 hours
Dry Through 24 Hours
VOC Content 238 g/L
Shelf Life From Date of Manufacture See Packaging 


Ordering Information

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