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GE SSG4000E UltraGlaze Silicone Structural Glazing Adhesive

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GE SSG4000E UltraGlaze structural glazing adhesive is a one-component, high-strength neutral cure silicone elastomeric adhesive designed and tested for structurally glazed curtain wall applications. The material is supplied as a paste, which cures into a durable flexible silicone rubber upon exposure to atmospheric moisture.

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Product Description


  • Silicone durability
  • Thermal stability (cured state)
  • Primerless adhesion
  • High tensile strength
  • High tear strength

Application Properties
Curtain Wall Waterproof
  Low VOC
  Low Odour
  Low Sag or Slump
  High & LowTemperature Resistance



Property Value
Colour Black
Consistency Paste
Joint Movement ± 25 %
In Service Temeprature -48°C to 100°C
Storage Temperature -
Applications Temperature 4°C to 122°C
Drying Time Tack Free 60 minutes
Dry Through 2 - 3 days
VOC Content 27 g/L
Shelf Life From Date of Manufacture See Packaging 


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