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We are a sealant manufacturer and official distributors to only the best brands for Firestop Solution, Expansion Joint, Sealant, Coating, Accessories and so much more.

Technical & Value Engineering

Having a strong global reference point for technical questions is very important. When new issues arise, we have a panel of technical experts who can research and report on the issue and lobby where necessary on a very high level.

Drawing Review

As your trusted partner, we need to ascertain that the buildings are constructed without any “construction” issue. Our experienced design team will ensure that all reviewed and approved drawings will not cause any issues on site.

In-House Laboratory Test

Compatibility Test (Modified ASTM C1084)
Adhesion Test (Modified ASTM 794)
Stain Test (Modified ASTM C1248)
Delamination Test

Site De-Glazing Test

Deglazing is a method of quality inspection used to confirm sealant adhesion, joint fill and quality in actual Structural Glazing production units. Deglazing includes complete detachment of a structurally glazed panel from a frame. Once the glass or panel is removed, the silicone sealant is inspected for cure, mix, uniformity of fill, lack of bubbles or air entrapment and most importantly, to verify sealant adhesion. Deglazing is very useful to production personnel as a form of feedback on their performance. Our personnel will be present during the inspection and conduct the test to assure the quality of our products is upheld.

On-Site Inspection

We conduct physical inspection of your existing structural arrangement, take readings where appropriate and report on the condition of the arrangement. After which, we will troubleshoot and recommend with solutions to you.

Affiliated Applicator

Our dedicated team of experienced applicators are readily available to guarantee that all works achieve the highest quality standards.

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