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SHARPIE Elastic Bond P-fix MSC1-07

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SHARPIE P-Fix is a one component moisture cure type, modified silicone elastic adhesive. It was developed with the expectation of improving adhesion durability between various panels and adherents.

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Product Description


  • One component
  • Excellent adhesion! Wonderful durability!
  • Easily operate at low temperature!
  • Non-isocyanate type.
  • Contains no inorganic fibers, asbestos, or solvents
Application Properties
Adhesion of fragile materials Modified Silicone
Adhesion of materials with different coefficients of thermal expansion Moisture Cure
Adhesion materials with uneven surfaces Rapid Cure
Adhesion to where with severe temperature changes  




Property Value
Colour White / Light Grey
Consistency Paste
Joint Movement -
In Service Temeprature -30°C to 90°C
Storage Temperature  
Applications Temperature 5°C to 35°C
Drying Time Tack Free 10 minutes
Dry Through -
VOC Content -
Shelf Life From Date of Manufacture See Packaging 


Ordering Information

Catalogue Number Description (UOM) Qty. Case Qty. Weight (Each)
MSC1-07-W-320 Cartridge - White 1 20 320 ML
MSC1-07-LG-320 Cartridge - Light Grey 1 20 320 ML