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SHARPIE Modified Silicone LM Sealant MSC1-14

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SHARPIE Modified Silicine LM is one-component type, Low Modulus Modified Silicone sealant formulated using Advanced Non-Bleed Silicone Technology to reduce or eliminate Dirt Pickup, Surface Streaking, and substrate staining.

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Product Description


  • Stable Consistency
  • Extended Work Life
  • Low Sag or Slump
Application Properties
Natural Stone Modified Silicone
Facade Elements Moisture Cure
Weatheproofing Chemical Resistance
  Fungal Resistance




Property Value
Colour White / Grey / Light Grey
Consistency Paste
Joint Movement + 100 / -50%
In Service Temeprature -30°C to 90°C
Storage Temperature 15°C to 27°C
Applications Temperature -
Drying Time Tack Free 60 minutes
Dry Through -
VOC Content -
Shelf Life From Date of Manufacture See Packaging 


Ordering Information

Catalogue Number Description (UOM) Qty. Case Qty. Weight (Each)
MSC1-14-W-320 Cartridge - White 1 20 320 ML
MSC1-14-G-320 Cartridge - Grey 1 20 320 ML
MSC1-14-LG-320 Cartridge - Light Grey 1 20 320 ML