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STI Fast Tack Firestop Spray

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Fast Tack Firestop Spray is the ultimate in weather resistant firestop sprays. Fast Tack's hybrid copolymer formula was developed to counter the stalling effects of weather while providing unmatched washout resistance and the industry's fastest tack free times. Fast Tack outperforms and outlasts all competing firestop coatings providing the most versatile protection on the market.

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Product Description


  • Spray up till the first drops of rain
  • Tack Free within 35 minutes!
  • Resistant to Wind-Driven Rain, ASTM D6904
  • Will not Washout!
  • Cures even in below freezing conditions!
Application Properties
Curtainwall All Weather
  Joint Movement
  Low VOC
  Quick Dry
  Self Leveling
  Smoke Barrier
  STC Rating
  Warter Resistant

Physical Properties

Property Value
Colour Limestone or Red
Density/Weight per Gallon 9.7 lb/gal (1.16 kg/L)
Solids Content by Weight 91%
Flame Spread 0*
Smoke Development 20*
Mold & Fungus Growth Rating (ASTM G21) 0
Movement Capabilities (ASTM D2370) Elongation 200%
Coverage 12.8 sq ft/gal @ 1⁄8", (0.31 sq m/L @ 3.2 mm)
Viscocity 35,000 cps
In Service Temperature -35°F (-37°C) to 350°F (177°C)
Storage Temperature 0°F (-18°C) to 95°F (35°C)
Applicaton Temperature 40°F (4°C) to 95°F (35°C)
Tack Free Time (ASTM C679) 35 to 45 minutes @ 77°F, 50% Humidity
Shore A Hardness 25 ± 5
STC Rating (ASTM E90-09/ASTM C919) 61 (Relates to Specific Construction)
VOC Content 107 g/L**
Shelf Life From Date of Manufacture 12 months
Early Rain Resistance (24 Hr Exposure; ASTM D6904) PASS
Tensile Strength, psi (ASTM D2370) 80 to 100
Peel Strength 5 lbs/in
Permeability (as determined per ASTM E96) 0.4 perm-inch
Skin Over Time 15 to 30 minutes
  • *Tested to ASTM E84 (UL723) at 14% surface coverage (modified test for sealants and caulks)
  • **Per SCAQMD Rule 1168 (EPA Method 24)

Ordering Information

Catalogue Number Description (UOM) Qty. Case Qty. Weight (Each)
STI_FT305 5 gallon pail - 1,155 cu in
(19 liters)
1 1 51.33 lbs
(23.28 kg)
STI_FT305R 5 gallon pail - 1,155 cu in
(19 liters) - Red
1 1 51.33 lbs
(23.28 kg)