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SPI Super Therm

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Super Therm is a water-borne combination of high performance aliphatic urethanes, elastomeric acrylics, and resin additives which produces a tough, yet flexible coating film. Designed for performance and durability, Super Therm contains 4 unique ceramics to block up to 95% of solar heat entering a structure due to Visual Light, Ultra Violet (UV) and Infrared (IR).

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Product Description


  • Block migration of Solar Heat gain
  • Insulation for interior application
  • Insulation for transportation vehicles, refrigerated containers, reefer trucks, and railroad cars when applied to exterior
  • Reduce or eliminate condensation
  • Stop moisture penetration and corrosion
  • Ability to resist dirt, mold, mildew and pollution
Application Properties
Roof and Side Walls Water borne
HVAC Flexible
Tanks Weather Resistant
Spheres Environmentally Friendly
Storage Systems Class A Fire Rating
Concrete Walls  



Property Value
Colour White
Consistency Liquid - Urethane / Acrylic Blend
Viscocity 105 to 110 KU
pH 8.5 to 9.0
Applications Temperature 5°C to 65°C
Drying Time Tack Free 30 minutes to 60 minutes
Dry Through 2 hours @ 40% relative humidity
VOC Content 67.2 g/L
Shelf Life From Date of Manufacture Up to 5 years unopened

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SPI-SuperTherm SUPER THERM 1 1 11.72 lbs. per gallon